About Us

Prestory: There was once a delightful dream, of all women are princesses and dressed in daydream.

Our founder started JM back on 11th July 2014 during Reverie Summer event. Received much love from dear #JM-ies, we decided to revamp it and started our little story here and there.

Jacqueen Maison Wardrobe


On 2016, we started it up online at this website and till now, we hope to serve you by creating a perfectly coveted pastel wardrobe.

"Where Fluffy Dreams Come Alive..."

Our Story entails every women' dream - to be youthful, and to relive the fluffiest dream in you.

美丽的故事始于青春的无敌 - JM 让你回顾青春时的色彩,永远保持初心。

At JM, we believe to never forgot our passion beginning, to keep making all of our customers' dream come true.

A Letter from Our Founder,

Welcome to shop in our little heaven.

All our heavenly pieces are handpicked globally direct first-handed so we could offer you at unbeatable prices.

In JM, we would want you to be your own queen but yet still preserving the innocent fluffy dreams in heart.


To all #JM-ies, from me and all of us at Jacqueen Maison - Thank you and Happy Shopping!